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Here are the most popular Specialty Units that you should know about:

Integral Pre-Insulated Block (SpecThermal/Hi-RH):

Basalite produces some specialty units in partnership with a national alliance of manufacturers, called the Concrete Products Group (“CPG”). The Spec-Thermal™ pre-insulated wall systems provide the benefits of integrally insulated single-wythe masonry including durable and aesthetically pleasing masonry surfaces both inside and out, while meeting stringent Energy Code requirements. These wall systems provide the enhanced moisture protection of a barrier wall in a variety of colors and finishes. All Spec-Thermal Insulated Masonry products meet code requirements; continuous insulation is not required due to the U-Factor compliance methods. Be sure to review the Structural Design Manual, which is now available on the Specifications page. 

8x4x16 CMU (SpecBrik):

Spec-Brik® provides architects, developers and contractors with a cost-effective convenient masonry option. Typically 20-30% less expensive than comparable systems, this wall system delivers the beauty of brick at a fraction of the cost. There are currently 12 colors available nationally, and a number of successful projects have been completed with national brand clients across most major markets. Solid veneer units are also available upon request.

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