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The Top 3 aspects

you should keep in mind when selecting a block shape:

1: No need to limit your block shapes

The most common block size is the 20cm standard block, (200x200x400mm), however, on a pallet there are stretcher and double enders (60/30). Bondbeams would be important too. While it is helpful to know the most common block sizes, it should by no means limit your consideration of other block sizes. Also, multiple block shapes can be used in the same wall, including differences in width, height and length.

2: typically full height or half high

While solid caps can be made 2″ High and 3″ high, block is typically either full height or half high. It is NOT an option currently, to manufacture a 6″ (300mm) high CMU. The half high (4”)(200mm) tall CMU can have a look and feel similar to a modular size clay brick, yet is installed just like regular CMU.   

3: Block shapes are determined by the mold

Block shapes are determined by a combination of the mold, and additional internal mold parts, all of which affects the width, height and length, as well as the size and position of any cavities in the block. While there are currently 100’s of shapes available, new shapes can be made simply by creating a new mold. Some of the more popular new block sizes include a 24″ long units, 4″ tall units that emulate brick as well as some specialty shapes, including ‘Abri’ a veneer offering from The Concrete Products Group –  Speak with your local product expert to learn more about designing new block shapes.

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