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Many Possibilities. One Basalite.
Project InspirationCMU 101

Pattern OPTIONS:

Single and Multi-Score

“Scored” units are available in a range of options, the most standard of which is intended to simulate a vertical mortar joint(s) on the face of the block, to appear as though there are several smaller sized units being used, while still allowing construction using full-sized units. For example, an 20cm unit with a single score up the middle of the face, looks like two half long units, rather than one single long unit. Scored units are single or triple scored. Standard scores are typically 3/8” wide and 3/8” deep (emulating a typical mortared head joint).


Ribbed or “Fluted” units are among the most expressive options in CMU. The term “flute”, refers to the deep void, cast into the face of the unit, which results in a series of projections, or “Ribs”. The face texture of the Rib is a Split Face texture. The ribs are always in a vertical orientation and horizontal flutes and ribs are not currently an option. Ribbed units typically have an equal number of ribs, (for example, a unit with four ribs, requires three flutes in the middle of the unit. Ribbed units are available with 2, 4 and 6 vertical ribs. The units must be manufactured in a wider block width, to allow for the deep flute to be achieved, while maintaining the minimum required face shell thickness.


you should keep in mind when selecting a block pattern:

1: Pattern should be determined early in the design process

Most patterns (score and ribbed ) are part of the manufacturing process and accurate information must be developed early in the design stage. The score and rib (flute)  patterns are typically cast into the block as part of the form. Some scores can be “wheel cut”, which means that rather than being cast into the block shape, they are cut into the face of a block after it is fully cured. You should note that there is a visible difference between a ‘cast score’ or a ‘cut score’.

2: Patterns are produced vertically

Patterns can be produced in the vertical direction of the block face, but are NOT available in a horizontal direction. CMU is made by pouring a mix design into a steel mold, which then uses a vertical motion to release the block from the mold. Because of this, only vertical features can be cast into the block. Until further advancements allow, be sure to specify textures as vertical. Consult your local product expert for more information on your available pattern options.

3: Pattern options vary depending on region

There are a variety of pattern options available, yet some regional markets offer more than others. Be sure to review the available pattern options in the specific region of your project, by contacting your local product expert for further clarification.

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