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SAKRETE® Flowstone/Anchoring Cement

SAKRETE® Flowstone/Anchoring Cement

SAKRETE Flow Stone is a pourable cement-based compound formulated for the rapid anchoring and repair of fixtures into concrete. SAKRETE Flow Stone exhibits early strength and controlled expansion, which assures a tight grip to both the fixture and surrounding concrete.

AVAILABLE IN: Resealable plastic tubs.

USE: For rapid anchoring of bolts, screws, posts, railing, reinforcing rods and other fixtures in concrete. May also be used to fill cracks in concrete. Sets in approximately 15 – 30 minutes.
YIELD: 1 lb produces 20 cubic inches

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  • 2.0 kg (4.4 lb.), 4 kg (8.8 lb.) and 10 kg (22 lb.) 

  • Adhering to recommended water additions is very important. Exceeding the maximum recommended water content per pail will result in inferior physical properties. ANCHORING CEMENT set time and strength gain will slow noticeably when used in temperatures below 5°C (41°F). ANCHORING CEMENT should be kept in dry storage.
  • Liability for damages or defective goods shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement.
  • Anchoring bolts/railings


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