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Basalite Mortar “S”

Basalite Mortar “S”

Mortar “S” is a proprietary blend of Masonry Cement, fine sand and other carefully selected additives, packaged in 30kg or 1200kg ready to use bags. Mortar “S” is designed to meet CSA A 179-04 for Type S mortar as specified with only the addition of water.

BASALITE MORTAR CEMENT is designed for use in high strength mortars and stuccos. It is a mixture of Portland cement, mortar enhancing admixtures and supplementary materials. BASALITE MORTAR CEMENT is designed to maintain the excellent working properties of masonry cement with added strength and bond.

USES: BASALITE MORTAR CEMENT is formulated for use in Type S mortar and in stucco.

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  • 30 kg, 1200 kg
  • 48 bags per pallet
  • Pallet weight: 1465 kg

  • BASALITE MORTAR CEMENT must not be used for making concrete. Do not add excess water as it will weaken the final product. A temperature above 5° C must be maintained until product is fully cured.
  • Building a block or brick wall
  • Repairing block or brick mortar joints
  • Stucco base coat

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