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Basalite Stone Veneer Mortar

Basalite Stone Veneer Mortar

STONE VENEER MORTAR is polymer modified mortar designed to provide a high performance bond for veneer units to base surfaces.

USES: STONE VENEER MORTAR is ideal for grouting and placing thin clay brick, natural or artificial stone veneer units. It is designed to be cohesive with excellent workability and superior bond strength. STONE VENEER MORTAR will create an aesthetically pleasing, non load bearing, exterior or interior stone veneer finished wall. STONE VENEER MORTAR can be used as a scratch or brown coat, bond coat or as joint fill grout.

ADVANTAGES: STONE VENEER MORTAR offers the following advantages:

  • Economical
  • High strength
  • Superior workability
  • No site preblending (water is the only additive)
  • Quality controlled
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased bonding
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  • 30 kg
  • 48 bags per pallet
  • Pallet weight: 1260 kg

  • Liability for damages or defective goods shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement.
  • New concrete must be kept above 5 degrees Celsius until cured.
  • Installing stone brick veneer
  • Repairing block or brick mortar joints


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