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Pillars and Seat Walls

Pillars and Seat Walls are a perfect way to highlight your backyard oasis. Use the Pillars to define a pathway, or finish a Seat Wall or even use Pillars to highlight the entrance to your driveway. A Seat Wall is the perfect way to break up one large area into two separate living environments, or what better way to have permanent seating around your fireplace or fire ring, no need to worry about the weather with these kits.

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20 inch column with glass

Unit Width: 20 in.
Unit Height: 38.5 in.
Unit Length: 20 in.

Unit Weight: 1140 lb.
Pallet Weight: 1190 lb.

24 inch column

Unit Width: 24 in.
Unit Height: 29 in.
Unit Length: 24 in.

Unit Weight: 1655 lb.
Pallet Weight: 1705 lb.

Lakeland Seatwall

Unit Width: 72 in.
Unit Height: 20 in.
Unit Length: 8 in.

Unit Weight: 1060 lb.
Pallet Weight: 1110 lb.

20 inch column

Unit Width: 20 in.
Unit Height: 38 in.
Unit Length: 20 in.

Unit Weight: 1250 lb.
Pallet Weight: 1300 lb.

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