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Basalite Fly Ash

Basalite Fly Ash

FLY ASH  (Type F) is the best known and one of the world’s most commonly used pozzolans. FLY ASH is blended with cement to enhance the characteristics of concrete. Physically, it is a very fine, powdery material, predominantly SiO2, with particles almost totally spherical in shape. Today’s FLY ASH is a by-product of burning finely ground coal in electricity generating power plants. It is captured from the exhaust gases of the plants by electrostatic precipitators or bag houses which leave relatively clean air to escape from the smoke stacks.

AVAILABLE IN: Triple-lined paper bags. All Basalite Dry Mix can be custom-packaged to suit specific project requirements.
YIELD: Coverage depends on project and size.

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  • 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Pallet weight: 1465 kg
  • FLY ASH is widely used today as a cementitious material in the production of a great variety of concrete mixes. The advantages of using FLY ASH in concrete are detailed in Pozzolanic Technical Bulletins. Briefly they include:
    • Increased compressive strength • Increased workability • Reduced water/cement ratio • Increased durability • Decreased permeability • Reduced sulphate attack • Decreased bleeding and segregation • Reduced shrinkage • Reduced heat of hydration • Reduced harmful cement / aggregate reaction such as alkali- aggregate reactivity.


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