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Basalite Type S Cement

Basalite Type S Cement

Basalite TYPE ‘S’ (Blended Masonry/Stucco Cement) is a pre-blended product combining Portland cement, TYPE ‘S’ hydrated lime and mortar-enhancing admixtures. Basalite ‘S’ is designed to conform to the requirements of CSA A3000 and will produce TYPE ‘S’ mortar conforming to CSA A179. Basalite ‘S’ Cement provides superior bond and compressive strength characteristics for use in mortars or stucco.

AVAILABLE IN: Triple-lined bags
YIELD: 0.294 m3 (3.17 ft2)/bag (blended Type ‘S’ and Sand)
USE: For all high strength cement/lime mortar and stucco applications such as concrete block, concrete brick, clay brick, stucco scratch coat, coloured masonry and glass block.
YIELD: Coverage depends on project size.

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  • 30 kg (66 lb)
  • 42 bags per pallet
  • Pallet weight: 1260 kg

  • Liability for damages or defective goods shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price or product replacement.


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