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PERMA 2000 Grout

PERMA 2000 Grout

PERMA 2000 is an un-sanded, hydraulic-cement based grout containing pozzolan and other carefully selected additives. PERMA 2000 will set and gain strength quickly even in subzero temperatures. It is ideal for anchoring tendons, cables and bolts into soil or rock media in arctic conditions and can be used in cold conditions where normal Portland cement grout is unsuitable. It can be placed into substrates which have temperatures ranging from -10oC to +4oC.

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PERMA 2000 can be used for many cold temperature applications such as:

  • Rock bolts or soil anchors in permafrost conditions.
  • Earth tiebacks for excavation or slope stabilization.
  • Cable bolting.
  • Soil or rock tendons used for anchoring piles.
  • Infill of pipe piles.
  • HIGH EARLY STRENGTH: PERMA 2000 has superior early strength gain even at subzero temperatures.
  • EASILY PLACED: PERMA 2000 can be easily pumped or poured.
  • AUTOGENOUS HYDRATION: PERMA 2000, once set, is highly exothermic. The set grout will generate a high heat of hydration which will speed curing even in low substrate temperature soils.
  • LOW WEAR ON PUMP: PERMA 2000 will cause little wear on pumping equipment, extending the life of mechanical equipment.


  • PERMA 2000 is packaged in 30kg (66lb.) triplelined paper bags.
  • 48 per pallet
  • 1465 kg per pallet

All Basalite Dry mix can be custom packaged to meet specific project requirements.

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