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A water based, high gloss, non-yellowing acrylic sealer which produces a hard, transparent film to protect concrete surfaces.

USE: Seals and gives a high gloss look to pavers, driveways and sidewalks. Provides a protective barrier from de-icing chemicals, grease, acid, and abrasion.
YIELD: Smooth concrete: 350 – 600 ft2/gal, rough concrete: 200 – 350 ft2/gal, concrete pavers: 200 – 350 ft2/gal.

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  • 4L (1 Gallon), 12L (2.6 Gallon), 18.93L (5 Gallon)

  • This product should not be used below 40°C. May not be compatible with other sealers and coatings. Do not allow uncured product to freeze. HY-GLOSS may affect the bond of joint sealants if applied to the joints.
  • Liability for damages or defective goods shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement.


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