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SAKRETE® Foam Expansion Joint 4″ X 50 feet

SAKRETE® Foam Expansion Joint 4″ X 50 feet

Sakrete Concrete Expansion Joint is a flexible, easy-to-install material for concrete expansion and isolation joints.

For use wherever there are expansion joints in concrete: slabs, walks, drives, isolation joints, to limit water penetration and reduce abrasion of concrete surfaces during expansion.

  • Use wherever there are concrete joints: slabs, walks, drives, and isolation joints.
  • Flexible for easy installation.
  • Closed cell construction does not allow water absorption.
  • Resistant to common chemicals and oils.
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  • 3/8″ thick X 5-1/2″ wide X 10′ long for 6″ slabs, and 3/8″ thick X 3-1/2″ wide X 10′ long for 4″ slabs
  • No. of pieces per bag: 15 qty
  • Liability for damages or defective goods shall be limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement.

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