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Sustainable Products
Basalite produces a wide selection of products that meet or exceed many sustainable building requirements and contribute to various certification levels.  Many of our sustainable products are also supported by Environmental and Health Product Declarations that are often required for building certification. Not only are the products sustainable in manufacturing but they can be used in many sustainable building applications.

Concrete Masonry Units
This isn't your Grandfather's masonry block. Today's Basalite Concrete Masonry Units are manufactured with sustainable processes and come with built-in energy efficient features.
Concrete Masonry is the most popular method of construction globally, yet the least understood method of construction in the western United States.

  • "Rocks-in-a-Box” is a great way to think of concrete masonry.
    • The “rocks” are the mix design of aggregates, sand, water, and cement, and to-date, Basalite has created more than 4,000 mix designs for our clients.
    • The “box” is the form in which the mix design is poured. And today, architects are rethinking how the box is configured. As a result, innovative new products, like ship-lap cmu, are expanding the aesthetic appeal of concrete masonry.
  • Concrete masonry is a heavy mass wall system that allows the building envelope to passively reduce the overall energy required to achieve internal comfort. Since 2008, the California Energy Commission Design Guidelines have recognized the effect of thermal mass, and allow concrete masonry walls to be constructed without any insulation in the majority of climate zones in the state. When insulation is preferred, Basalite offers an integral insulation solution, called Hi-R H block, that combines the best of concrete masonry, with the benefits of insulation, all within the interior of the block itself.
  • Moisture management is best achieved by treating the entire mix design, at a granular level, prior to each block being formed. Integral Water Repellant, or IWR, is a factory applied, one-time treatment that can save up to 60% of the cost of surface applied sealers. IWR also helps control efflorescence by sequestering the salts in the concrete from ever being exposed to moisture.
  • Carbon footprint is a critical issue to every project. Concrete masonry has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any building material. It is 2x less than kiln-dried lumber, 6x less than recycled steel, 7x less than plywood, 8x less than glass, and more than 100x less than aluminum.
  • CO2 emissions, from all sources, are the primary contributor to climate change. In partnership with CarbonCure of Canada, Basalite is the first manufacturer in the U.S. to offer carbon-sequestered CMU, which uses a natural process to turn waste-CO2 into limestone, which is then used as an aggregate in our mix designs.
  • Concrete masonry use for interior walls is perhaps the most overlooked opportunity for energy savings. On a recent project at UC Davis, the mechanical system used for heating and cooling was entirely eliminated, simply by adding interior concrete masonry walls to the project. The results and the cost savings are truly remarkable. Concrete masonry interior walls can be used on both new and existing buildings to achieve dramatic cost and energy savings for the entire life of the project.

Hardscape Products
Our hardscape products are manufactured with the same energy-efficient processes as our CMU block and are used to create environmentally-friendly landscapes across the western United States.

  • Basalite Permeable Pavers allow stormwater to drain naturally into the earth charging underground aquifers preventing potentially damaging run off. Permeable pavers are suitable for any project, support green building requirements while greatly enhancing landscape design aesthetics. Available in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures to fit design requirements.
  • Basalite Wall Systems and Pavers are used to create drought resistant landscapes where watering restrictions are in place.

Product Packaging
Because of their inherent durability, Basalite products are delivered to customer sites with minimal packaging reducing waste.

Concrete Building Materials
The concept of sustainable building incorporates and integrates a variety of strategies during the design, construction, and operation of building projects. Basalite is actively supporting the Building Information Modeling Initiative (BIM) within the concrete building materials industry. The addition of concrete products into BIM will allow for accurate specification of quantities thus reducing waste. The following are also considerations when specifying concrete products as a sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials solution:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Life cycle value
  • Indoor air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Affordability